Sabtu, 06 Mei 2017

Cross Word Puzzle-with Tsabita Pharama

Group Members : Rafa Kholida
                                Tsabita Pharama H.

1. The numerical value of 3.14
2. A day for the exchange of gifts or presents to the loved ones
4. Synonym of under
6. A tool which is used by woodcutter
8. For Your Information
10. A glass material in frame
12. Having or showing zeal
15. Remains of burning
16. Down reaching
14. Judge advocate

1. Shorter version of the longest word in English
5. Relating to a cultivated land
7. Chattering
9. Cars, bicycles, train
11. Fog (Plural)
13. Self-indulgent with fondness
15. Skateboard, iceskate
16. Synonym of action

Thank You So Much, Friends!

Hi, World!  I wanna tell you about my "coin session" with my friends. But first, I will tell you about my problems.

Last week, My KPA friends and I was doing Angklung Orchestra Resital. I happy to do it. But, all of my homework was postponed by me until 3 days later. And now I feel so stressed with that. So, I tell my friends, Caca,  Fathiyya,  AulK, Cia, and Fakhry.

"Hey, I don't know how to start it"
"Well,  so do I" Aul said.
"Hey, just stop getting stress. Let's open 'receh session'!" Fakhry said.

Yes. Receh Session. That's a little activity to make ourself happier. Of course with a little jokes.

"Let's open Sakayuv's instagram!" Cia said.
"Who is Sakayuv? How about open music video? Let's watch Pentatonix!" Caca said.
"Look at this! Luqmanabubakar have posted video! It is Sundalela part 2!" Fakhry said.

So, we was watching that video. We was laughing out loud by the end that video! To be honest, I am the happiest people there. Thank you so much for Fakhry, Cia,  Caca, Fathiyya, and AulK. So Lucky to have you all. Falling in love with you...  I am very greatful...

So How about you? Do you have some 'lucky' experience? You have to thankful about it! You can say thank you, I'm so grateful for..., and many others. See You!  Oh ya, I give you the link of Luqmanabubakar post-Sundalela.

"Best friend are the people you can do anything and nothing with and still have the best time. Love what you have, so you have anything you need."

Cia and I

Caca,  Fathiyya,  Me,  Fakhry,  AulK 

Selasa, 04 April 2017

Dewa Athena - Sport Event


Saturday, March 25th 2017 The Biggest Sport event of 3 SHS; Dewa Athena was held. Dewa Athena is event to stimulate student’s sense of competition. There are several branch sport; basketball, volleyball, doudgeball, gobak sodor, badminton, tarik tambang, relay running and soccer. Each class (X and XI) should send its team to participate on the event. Dewa Athena was held in LapBal.

To be honest, Dewa Athena had started on march 23th for XIth grade and started on 25th March for X grade. And this is the schedule of Dewa Athena (23th-25th March).


I didn't join the event on 25 March, because there was 4th evaluation of KPA3 and i got dispensation of it. but my team-my classmate was participating the event. And we win the elimination of volleyball, badminton, and soccer. So, we will play again in SemiFinal.

And 1st April- I went to school at 7 am. I was watching another match until 9 am. then, I was practicing volleyball game with my friends; Aul, Ilham, Fakhry, Dea, Micia, Faradinda, and Nisrina. we were practicing serve and passing. and then I participated the game. I was playing volleyball. But there were problem. Rehearsal of KPA3 would start at 12 pm. So can I play the game at 2 pm?

I was practicing for volleyball from 9 until 12. Then I break for Dzuhur pray. nah, after I pray, I took my angklung to XII Science class for practicing. after I reached the place, there were not-enough people to start. So, I have to call my friends to go hurry to XII class. 

and It's 1 pm, We started KPA with minimum quota. And we was practicing Melati Suci Song and try the new dynamics. 2 pm. one of KPA member got permition to practice for another extracurricular and so do I. I went to LapBal for the volleyball match.

Lucky me, the match didn't start yet. So, I can practice first. 10 minutes later, my team called by committee to play. First match, X Science 3 vs X Science 1. I think, it would be hardest game, because so many athlete in X science 1. and the truth is... no. We played it like it is service game, not volleyball. Alhamdulillah, we won this match easily (only 2 round). 

And now second match, X Science 3 vs X Science 8. it is the hottest game. I can't explain it with words. We play 3 round, with difference final score only 2 points. 13 for my team and 15 for them. to be honest, I really want my team win the game but now, discomfiture is the best for us.

Senin, 13 Maret 2017

Learning from Nature

The Nature supplies anything that we need and want. Inggredients of foods, materials of bulidings, and fabrics of clothes are coming from nature. Nature has all precious thing we need and also provides our life needs. Maybe the ways nature speak, it’s not same as human. Nature has  own way.

But nowadays nature isn’t like it was. It changed. Problems that came to nature are more complex. It’s not only one, two, or three problems, but thousands. One of them is humans atitude to Nature.
Our atitude to nature should be obey to norma, as same as our atitude to people. Nowadays, our atitude isn’t based on the right nature norma. The right norma is ecosentrism, it isn’t give priority to human ego, but consider the life of others. Knowledge that we get about nature’s norma should be applied in ordinary life and shared with others.

Impact that appear from no deep comprehension about nature are causing direct impact and indirect impact. The direct impact is implied to nature it self. Detriments for nature are it lost of place to be stayed and the ability to be lived is descending (because decrease member in population). Moreover, if it continues, the other living things will be disepear. Thein direct detriments will be felt by humans. 

It will be felt after nature had the impact. And if it happen, there isn’t back button to return and we will regret it. Brevity, if nature gone, so are human.

We only having debt to nature and we can never pay it. When we had debt to nature the one will feel the impact is our grandchild. It’s not a good things. We’ve to change it. Nature is our own together, it’s not only humans properties. We’ve to make the mindset right.

Human’s atitude, is the key to unite human with nature. Its also now. Although it’ve said ‘late’, but all ‘remnants’ should be well-treated. Nature has inform so many things with the way it is. Now, it’s just our turn to learn from nature. Nature has teach us about how to have a certain attitude for through this life, such as; be careful, responsibility, be autonomous, be honest, be grateful and others. Truly, humans has to be more motivate to learn from nature about attitude. Right Concept about nature have to spread and build to others.

Learning about how to be closer with nature, is approachment. Approachment should be have positive goals, not negative. Approachment that can be usual activity such as academic study or non-academic study in place that not reach yet. Other approachment that can be meditate in nature. That approachment should be do as application of concept. It proof that we have intention and right goals. One good deed is more than thousands intention.

Bigger evidence that maybe reach to stop all development that have negative impact to nature. Nature should be join in many activity, not only on impact. All developments never be waiving its nature insight. Developments can be reached without damage nature. Remember, all big things start from little thing first. Include, development insight’s nature.

Little thing that should be started for development insight’s nature is consciousness. You have to 
conscious that we aren’t lived alone. We are a part from nature. We are a part that should be conserve. Anything that we feel it’s our own, it’s not. It’s all just mandate. It’s also nature’s.

Nature is precious and amazing things. Nature teach us about all attitude that we should have. Nature, should be conserve and loved. Because when you love anything you have, you have anything you need. Forever, nature is our best friend.

Selasa, 10 Januari 2017

Holiday: Love what you have and you'll feel you have everything you need.

Hello!!! Is it Monday? No, it isn't! It is Tuesday! It is the second day of school after my holiday! And now, I would like to tell you about my holiday was...

First day of my holiday, I can't feel what is holiday, because I have to go to school for my extracurricular, KPA 3. It started from 1.30 pm until maghrib. And I did it for the next three days.

To be honest, I didn't go to someplace that made me feel so happy. In fact, I was feeling sad. 

Dede Anjar Permana. He is my brother in law. He married to my sister on 2013. And now they have one daughter. She is two years old. 

My Brother in law was working at Al-Irsyad International School as IT Teacher and decided to resign from his work. The reason why he did the resignation is he has a new job as IT teacher in Indonesia-Cairo School for 2 years. And the bad news is the location of the school is in Cairo. 

I think that is a bad news because he will stay there without anyvisit to Indonesia for two years. 720 days. 17.280 hour. And what will I do on the Special Day without my complete family. I know, I have Mamah, Papah, Kaka, and also my niece. But I feel so close with him. It's a different relationship.

But I know, I have a chance. I can accompanied him to go to the Airport (of course with my sister and my niece). We went to Jakarta on December 30th 2016. 

From my house, we went to DayTrans Travel in Dipati Ukur Street at 4 am. Then, we went to Jakarta at 4.30 am. The direction is to building beside FX Plaza. It is Kemendikbud Building. My Brother in law should take the document first.

We arrived in FX Plaza at 7.30 am and then walked to Kemendikbud Building. We put our carrier in lobby and went to 7th floor. In 7th floor, my brother in law was looking for Mrs. Mitha and asked to security. But security said that she hasn't come yet. We was waiting in sofa. I thought it'll be so long, and it's true. We was waiting about 45 minutes. When Mrs. Mitha came, my brother in law went to her office to take document.

It's about one hour to take document and make it sure. After that, we went to Monas. We went there by online taxi and arrived about 15 minutes later. Then, we walked to backyard of Monas. My niece isn't walked, she ran (and so fast). My niece looked so happy and don't wanna go back from there. She ran around Monas (the monument)  2 times. She doesn't looked tired but I know it's so tired. Last, she ran to me to ask for drink. Then, I gave her a milk. And I was wrong, there were 2 bottles, one coffee, and one milk. And I was giving her a coffee. OMG! Lucky me, she realize that I wasn't giving her a bottle of milk, but I gave her a coffee! And she returned it to me to get a bottle of milk. Then I gave her the milk.

When she already "SATISFIED" to play in Monas backyard, she said to me "mimih, kumaakan" it's mean she wanted to eat, she was hungry. Because of she already asked for eat, we went back to FX Plaza for eat. We went there by taxi online (it's also took time about 15 minutes).

When we arrived, we went to foodcourt. We was looking for what we like, and the choices stop to grilled-duck and crispy squid, with drinks tarik tea and fruit punch. And after that, we know something "bad" will happen.

We went to Soekarno-Harta airpoirt after we finished our lunch. It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach airport. We went to Terminal 2 airport in F part. Yeah, my sister and I was feeling bad for this time. We accompanied my brother in law to lobby. We couldn't  accompanied him to check-boarding pass spot because to reach that spot we have to show our passport and ticket  to official airport. And we don't have it. So the last place that can be reach by me, my sister, my niece, and my brother in law together (before he go) is: Lobby Terminal 2.

Yeah, in the first the feeling that you know you are left by him isn't feel so much, but when he wanted to sign up and check boarding pass before he take off, it was so hard. There were no tears that can be avoided by us, include my niece. The most sad part is when my niece call him "Ayah,, ayah,, i wanna be with you..."

Arghhhhhhh. Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetenyevwe... Ehm. Sorry. It feel so sad for me, but at least I've made a great-reminded-mind. It is the most impressed Holiday for me, because I can learn so much, one of them is: Love what you have and you'll feel you have everything you need.

Senin, 21 November 2016

Ir. Soekarno

Ir.Soekarno or Bung Karno was born in Surabaya, on June 6th 1901. Like many Javanese people, he went by one name. Soekarno or Bung Karno is an important figure in the struggle for Indonesian independence. He became the leader of the Indonesian independence movement party and fought for the country's independence. He is the originator of the basic state called Pancasila. On August 17th 1945, Ir.Soekarno proclaimed Indonesian independence with Mohammad Hatta. 

In the past on August  16th 1945, Soekarno and Moh. Hatta was kidnapped to Rengasdengklok by Wikana and Darwis. Wikana and Darwis kidnapped Soekarno to urge them to proclaimed Indonesian independence, because it was the time that Japan give up to NATO. So, Japan can’t prevent Indonesian Independent. Then, Soekarno and Hatta agree with Wikana and Darwis and promise to proclaimed Indonesian independence as soon as they can. Then they go to Laksamana Maeda house to write proclamation text with Hatta and Mr. Ahmad Soebardjo. Soekarno write the proclamation text by his self. Then the proclamation text is type by Sayuti Melik.
Then, at 9 o’clock 17th August 1945, Soekarno and Hatta proclaimed Indonesian independence at Pegangsaan Timur no. 56. Then, Soekarno became the first president of Indonesia on August 18th 1945.

Sukarno died on June 21st, 1970 at Wisma Yaso, Jakarta, after experiencing ostracism by his successor Suharto. His body was buried in Blitar, East Java, and now the icon of the city. Because every year hundreds of thousands visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. Especially when the implementation Haul Bung Karno.

Rabu, 26 Oktober 2016

Interesting place in Kuala Lumpur : Batu Cave (Question)

1. How long it takes to go to Batu Cave with MRT?
    a. one and half hour
    b. 60 minutes
    c. half hour
    d. 45 minutes
    e. one hour

2. What is the biggest sculpture in Batu Cave?
    a. Anoman Sculpture
    b. Krisna sculpture
    c. Rahwana sculpture
    d. Nirvana sculpture
    e. stair with thousand step

3.  What is the type of the temple?
    a. Batu cave temple 
    b. Konghucu temple
    c. Krisna temple
    d. Budha temple
    e. Hindu temple

4. What animal are the most common in Batu Cave?
    a. monkey and orangutan
    b. pigeon and monkey
    c. dove and duck
    d. pigeon and gray long-tailed monkey
    e. grey long-tailed monkey and duck

5. What is the food that we can find in Batu Cave?
    a. ladoo
    b. bracelet
    c. little sculpture
    d. lapis
    e. curry noodles